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 T he resources below are designed to provide you information about foreclosure and help you better understand the options available to you:

 H ere's one VERY important tip. If you have already missed any payments, do not ignore your mortgage company's attempts to contact you. If you are currently having problems making your payments, contact your mortgage company immediately. Discuss your circumstances and explain your situation. If they ask, be prepared to provide them with all your relevant financial information. This could include your monthly income, expenses and prospects for the future. Without all of your information, they will not be able to help you.

 I t's very important that you stay in your home for now. If you abandon your property and move, you may not qualify for any assistance from your mortgage company.

 T he links below are topics that are designed to help educate you about your current predicament. Being aware of all these issues can save you many sleepless nights, much heartache, help conserve your money and maybe protect you from losing your home. Please read them ALL very carefully and if you have any questions, let your Foreclosure Freedom Partner help you make sense of it all. Good Luck!

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