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  • Foreclosure Freedom Partners are professionals who are experienced in dealing with the foreclosure process and who understand the many different options that may be available to people who are facing foreclosure. Foreclosure Freedom Partners are committed to helping people who are facing foreclosure by explaining the available options and providing alternatives to foreclosure.

    How the Foreclosure Freedom System Works (the Basics)
    1. The Homeowner becomes concerned about foreclosure because he or she has missed a few payments or has received a foreclosure warning letter from their lender.
    2. The concerned Homeowner begins looking for solutions and alternatives to foreclosure and then visits the Foreclosure Freedom website, which they may find via search engines, advertisements, signs, etc.
    3. The Foreclosure Freedom website provides the Homeowner with valuable information about the foreclosure process and explains the benefits of having a Foreclosure Freedom Partner to assist them.
    4. The Homeowner completes the Quick Action form available on the Foreclosure Freedom website.
    5. The Foreclosure Freedom System automatically locates the nearest Foreclosure Freedom Partner and puts the Homeowner and the Foreclosure Freedom Partner in touch with each other.
    6. The Foreclosure Freedom Partner then begins working with the Homeowner to determine which options are available and the best course of action to help the Homeowner avoid foreclosure.

    Becoming a Foreclosure Freedom Partner

    Foreclosure Freedom Partner areas are determined by zip codes. Each US zipcode is exclusively assigned to a Foreclosure Freedom Partner - this means that there can only be ONE partner per zip code. The cost to become a Foreclosure Freedom Partner depends on the zipcodes that you select (which ones and how many you want). Click on the link below to determine availability and pricing for zipcodes in your local area.

    Click here to check available zip codes and pricing in your area.

    Please note that even if your local zipcode is not available, you can still participate in the Foreclosure Freedom program. Please read Foreclosure Freedom Details to understand how this works.

    More about the Foreclosure Freedom System (the Details)

    If you would like more details about how the Foreclosure Freedom System works, we have provided a document which explains the entire process in detail. Click here for Foreclosure Freedom System Details .
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